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Hedychium White Butterfly

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Important Product Notes:
Genus: Hedychium
Cultivar: White Butterfly
Family: Zingiberaceae
Nickname: Ginger Lily
Bulbs per sq. foot: 1
Soil Moisture: wet average
Catalogue: Spring Planted
Bulbs: 7, 8, 9, 10, Mid Summer, Late Summer, White, Yellow, Full Sun, Part Shade, 3' - 4', 4' - 5', Average, Wet
Other Than Bulbs: 8, 9, 10, Late Summer, Early Fall, White, Full Sun, Part Shade, 3' - 4', 4' - 5', Average, Wet
Other Categories: Cutting/Picking
Site Specific Options: Container Use
Ship Categories: Spring Planted shipped 3-15 to 6-15
Hedychium 'White Butterfly' has white flowers with a creamy yellow accent and a gardenia-like fragrance; 3'-5'; winter hardiness zone 7-10; tuber.

A wonderful group of plants native to tropical Asia Himalaya and Madagascar which produces spectacular 12 tall flower heads crowning 3'-5' stems in late summer. Each flower head has tons of 2" individual very fragrant colorful blossoms reminiscent of flashy tropical birds. Tolerant of heavy soils their normal habitat is the edge of the forest but where there is plenty of light and lots of moisture during growing season. Blooms late summer until frost; may not bloom the first year and needs a long growing season, so if they are not hardy for you, it would be best to pot them up in at least a 15" pot.

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