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Iris Dwarf - reticulata Harmony(Pre-cooled)

Item Number: 28-0120-C Price start at: $3.85
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50 bulbs for $16.50
100 bulbs for $30.00
Important Product Notes:
Genus: Iris-Dwarf
Cultivar: reticulata Harmony
Family: Iridaceae
Bulbs per sq. foot: 15
Soil Moisture: average
Catalogue: Fall Planted
Other Categories: Indoor Bulbs
Ship Categories: Pre-cooled bulbs shipped mid Dec thru mid-Jan
reticulata 'Harmony' - fragrant bluebird-blue standards and royal-blue falls with white edged yellow blotch; one of the best.

For those of you who live in areas where the absence of cold winters affects the performance of your spring flowering bulbs the ones listed here may be good choices for your garden. These are the same bulbs that we'll ship to everyone else except that these will be placed in the cooler in September when they arrive here in Virginia. They will stay there until they're ready to plant (between December 15th and January 15th depending on whether you have some winter cold or no winter cold at all). For more information on each cultivar enter the item number (without the -C suffix) in the search box. (PLEASE NOTE: If you order these bulbs you MUST promise to plant them just as soon as you receive them because the effect of the pre-chilling diminishes with each day they are out of the cooler. To be sure they arrive in good time there will also be an extra shipping charge for 2nd Day Air which can't be determined until after weighing and shipping and will be billed after shipment. Also if you live where you DO receive winter temperatures please understand that these bulbs either need to be in the ground in enough time to make roots before the ground freezes OR they need to be grown in pots where the pots are NOT exposed to extreme temperatures!)

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Iris-Dwarf Iris-Dwarf
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